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Wine Education at its Absolute Best-Kevin Capozzi's Wine Club Dubai.

Wine is something  that everyone loves, but about which no two people will agree. If you're a wine lover in Dubai, today there's a place to go where you can learn a little more about your passion.

Founded by Kevin Capozzi, renowned as the founder of the Snooty Wine Club of Vancouver Canada, the Wine Club Dubai was an immediate hit. With a broad range of experience and 21 years of operating a wine club in Canada,  Kevin Capozzi's  Wine Club of Dubai has gained enormous popularity in a very short time. 

Boasting more than 3700 current members, Wine Club Dubai has something to offer for everyone. Wine Club Dubai had its inception in 2010 when Kevin Capozzi entered the Dubai hospitality scene and saw a need for something extra. 

Who is Kevin Capozzi?
Kevin Capozzi, wine afficionado and expert grew up in the hospitality business and in a wine region. His grandfather began Calona wines in the 1940s and the business was sold in the mid 1970s. Hospitality and wine are both  his passions and he is committed to ensuring that everyone who shares his passion has a chance to experience it to the fullest extent.

After starting the wine club in Vancouver that is still in existence today, 21 years later, Kevin decided it was time to offer that same enriching experience to the people of Dubai. 

How the Wine Club Dubai Works

One member of the wine club selects the theme and provides the wine for the get together. The wine tastings are always done blind--that is to say, without a label on the wine.Capozzi feels that when we see no label and price, wine tasters are able to learn a great deal about the wine.

Blind tasting and identifying a wine may appear to be a trick of some type, but there are many who are able to accomplish it. Some say that they have a photographic palate.

No matter how you slice it, the Wine Club Dubai is an experience you will not soon forget. Join Kevin Capozzi and the Wine Club Dubai for a memorable get-together whether you choose group tastings or wine classes.

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